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The recovery strategy used by AC Milan, Man City FC, Widnes Vikings and Team GB is now available in Loughborough on a pay-as-you-go basis.


FIFA-sponsored research shows that Cold Water Immersion (CWI) aids recovery, reduces fatigue and lowers the risk of injury.


Book an ice bath session today and discover the benefits for yourself.

The CET CryoSpa provides an optimum therapeutic effect for post exercise recovery, using a deep penetrating cold, which works to eliminate fatigue and maximise recovery, meaning your body is extra energised for your next exercise session. A typical treatment session is just 6 minutes. Book an appointment to see what benefits this treatment can offer you.


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Low Temperature Hydrotherapy

aids recovery...

reduces fatigue...

lowers the risk of injury...

whatever your sport

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NEW sports recovery facility OPEN NOW in Loughborough. Book a session in our ice bath, to promote your post-exercise recovery.

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