Benefits of CryoSpa Therapy...


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         Shorter recovery time post-exercise

         Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries

         Reduces fatigue and lowers the risk of injury

         Treats muscle/joint soreness, strain and inflammation

         Promotes neural and cardiovascular system recovery

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Low Temperature Hydrotherapy...


4 to 6 minutes' cold plunge



After high intensity exercise



To reduce body temperature to normal levels

To reduce inflammation in muscles and joints

To release hormones, which stimulate the recovery process                                                                    


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Cryotherapy has long been one of the most popular and effective recovery strategies. Cold Water Immersion has been proven to combat fatigue, aid post exercise recovery, boost your physical performance, and help prevent sports injuries.


The CryoSpa or ice bath is proven to reduce and treat soft tissue injuries and alleviate muscle soreness post training. It has been methodically tested by the University of Ulster and is based on the most up-to-date clinical evidence.