Cryotherapy has long been one of the most popular and effective recovery strategies. Cold Water Immersion has been proven to combat fatigue, aid post-exercise recovery, boost your physical performance, and help prevent sports injuries. The CryoSpa ice bath is proven to reduce and treat soft tissue injuries and alleviate muscle soreness post training. It has been methodically tested by the University of Ulster and is based on the most up-to-date clinical evidence.


The CryoSpa ice bath at Loughborough comes complete with various integrated stations for targeted injury treatment for ankles, knees, calves, back and more. Combined with an intense massage using over 42 jets, the CET CryoSpa treatment leads to quicker injury resolution, so you can get back to your training regime more quickly.


The CET CryoSpa is used by players worldwide in a large variety of clubs, teams and sports and fitness centres as well as by physiotherapists right across the UK and Ireland.


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